Learn more about SSNFCS 2019 speakers below

Dr. Virginia Weaver

Associate Professor

Johns Hopkins University 

Dr. Jefferey L. Burgess

Professor and Associate Dean for Research 

The University of Arizona

Dr. Kenneth W. Fent

Research Industrial Hygienist


Dr. Sara A. Jahnke

Director, Center for Fire, Rescue, and EMS Health Research at NDRI

Dr. Miriam Siegel

Epidemiologist / Associate Service Fellow


Dr. Gavin Horn

Firefighter and Director of Research

Illinois Fire Service Institute

Dr. Alberto Caban-Martinez

Assistant Professor of Public Health Sciences

University of Miami

Dr. Natasha Schaefer Solle

Research Assistant Professor of Medicine

University of Miami

Dr. David J. Lee

Professor of Public Health Sciences

University of Miami

Dr. Laura Barger

Assistant Professor

Harvard Medical School

Casey Grant

Executive Director

Fire Protection Research Foundation

Jeffrey O. Stull


International Personnel Protection, Inc.

Jeramy L. Baum

Doctoral Candidate in Chemistry

University of Miami

Chief Nathan Trauernicht

Fire Chief

University of California - Davis

Chief Frank Babinec

Fire Chief

Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department

David Finger

Chief of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs 


Dr. Erin N. Kobetz

Professor and Associate Director 

University of Miami

Bryan Frieders


Firefighter Cancer Support Network

Julius Halas


Division of State Fire Marshal

Dr. Rachelo Morello-Frosch


UC Berkeley

Tina D. Guiler


Miami-Dade Fire Rescue

Nicole Strait

Volunteer Firefighter

Medicine Lodge Fire Department, Kansas

Dr. Frank J Penedo


University of Miami

Patrick Morrison

Assistant to the General President

International Association of Fire Firefighters

Steve Harvey


Marco Island Fire Rescue

Dr. Matt Rahn


CSUSM Wildfire Program 

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 NIOSH R13-OH011787 PI: Caban-Martinez

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