Local Organizing Committee

Symposium Chair, and Deputy Director, Sylvester Firefighter Cancer Initiative, and Assistant Professor of Public Health Sciences

University of Miami

Dr. Alberto Caban-Martinez

Symposium Evaluation Team Leader and Research Assistant Professor of the Department of Medicine

University of Miami

Dr. Natasha Schaefer Solle

Symposium Abstract Program Manager and Research Support Specialist

University of Miami

Katerina Santiago

Symposium Support Specialist and Sr. Project Coordinator for the Sylvester Firefighter Cancer Initiative

University of Miami

Jessica Cambridge

Symposium Planner and Research Associate for the Caban-Martinez Lab

University of Miami

Paola Louzado-Feliciano

Symposium Co-Chair, Director & PI, Firefighter Cancer Initiative, Associate Director for Population Science and Cancer Disparity, Professor of Medicine

University of Miami

Dr. Erin N. Kobetz

Symposium Manager, and Sylvester Firefighter Cancer Initiative Project Manager

University of Miami

Jessica Diaz

Symposium Event Coordinator and Sr. Administrative Assistant

University of Miami

Rosa Maria Ortiz

Symposium Evaluation Team Member and Research Support Specialist for the Sylvester Firefighter Cancer Initiative

University of Miami

Cynthia Beaver

Symposium Webmaster, Symposium Co-Planner, and Graduate Assistant for  Caban-Martinez Lab

University of Miami

Kevin Griffin

National Organizing Committee

Occupational Health and Safety Deputy Director of the International Association of Fire Fighters

International Association of Fire Fighters 

Lawrence Petrick, Jr.

Professor, College of Public Health, Community, Environment & Policy

Associate Dean for Research, College of Public Health

University of Arizona

Dr. Jefferey Burgess

Research Industrial Hygienist at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)


Dr. Kenneth Fent

Executive Director of the Fire Protection Research Foundation

Fire Protection Research Foundation

Casey Grant

Director of Fire Service Programs at the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Chief John B. Tippett

President of the Firefighter Cancer Support  Network

Firefighter Cancer Support Network

Bryan Frieders

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 NIOSH R13-OH011787 PI: Caban-Martinez

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